Do Yoga and Namaste

I’m pretty sure you have already heard about yoga. The first time I did yoga was in 2014. Not so far from today right? It’s not if you read this in 2015. I felt there were many greases lie around my body. Well, my body shape is pear and that’s why I’m working on to make it look well-balanced with my top of body. Though they say it’s quite impossible to change the shape of your body but however, I’ll keep in shape at least?

Back to yoga. Yoga is the most calming exercise and it’s also a classy exercise. Why is that? It’s calming because we don’t need to spend so much oxygen for respiration and it’s classy because mostly yoga is done in a class with an instructor in it which means you need more pennies to do this. But don’t feel bad about it, it’s 2015 baby. You can do yoga anywhere, anytime and you don’t even need much money to spend for doing yoga. We have youtube!

I found my instructor (well, my virtual instructor) on youtube. I was looking for yoga videos for my weight loss and to fill my so-boring holiday with exercise. I watched several videos but I felt not suit either with the movement or the instructor. Especially, the movement. But then I found her, yogawithadriene (her channel name on youtube). I felt comfortable and honestly I still do.

That was a video of her doing yoga. Her yoga videos are various and all of them can be followed at home.

After I do yoga, I always feel good and free. Though in the first time I did yoga, I felt sore everywhere in my body but that’s worth it for a better life and a better shape of your body. But however, you have to love your body first, so you can listen to your body while doing this. Mind trying it? If you do, have a safe yoga because if it’s your first, you have to feel suitable with the movement. If you don’t and you keep pushing yourself doing yoga with unsuitable movements, your nerves will mad at you. Nerves injury is dangerous, so be careful my friends. Namaste 🙂


yoga video by yogawithadriene on youtube

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