Day Out in White

White is the cleanest, the brightest and the simplest but elegant color tone. It is an achromatic color, literally a “color without color”, composed of a mixture of all frequencies of the light of the visible spectrum.

You can combine white with any color you like, though it’s red, green, orange or anything else. I had never worn all white from head to toe before but once I did it, I started falling in love with it.

White Top by minimal
White Trouser by giordano
Wedges by marie claire
Watch by alba

When I was wearing white from head to toe, I tended to be nice and well-behaved somehow. Therefore I’m suggesting you to try to wear all white from head to toe because it somehow gives you positive vibes when you wear this achromatic color. White is very suitable with any occasions.

If you have white pale skin or black skin, don’t be afraid to wear white from head to toe because white always looks good with any skin tones. All you’ve got to have is just confident. Good luck with your brand new day out! 🙂


white top by
white trouser by
wedges by
watch by

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