Sophisticated Words To Use That’ll Make Your Crush Fall For You

What is beauty if your brain is empty like an empty coke.

Change the way you think about attractiveness. Being attractive doesn’t mean you have to shave, go to saloon, shop all day long and stuff. But there’s one thing that never fails to attract someone you like, being smart.

Use these words to make you sound smarter and your crush will fall for you right away :

  • Allure 
    noun : attraction; appeal; charm; traction
    He caught my attention with his allure
    verb : lure; attract
    She appeared sweet and alluring in my birthday
  • Recherché
    adjective : exquisite; exotic
    Your dress isn’t just elegant, it’s recherché
  • Loathe
    verb : hate; dislike; execrate
    She loathed me because I was late to her party
  • Ambience
    noun : atmosphere; aura
    I like our date last night, its ambience was very alluring
  • Ameliorate
    verb : improve; fix; enhance
    I want to ameliorate your mood by giving you a little alluring ambience
  • Ambrosia
    adjective : delicious; the food of the gods
    It tastes ambrosia, can I get some more?
  • Bliss
    noun : happiness; cheerfulness
    I really enjoyed this bliss, thanks for tonight
  • Clavicle
    noun : collarbone
    You have a very recherché clavicle
  • Elusive
    adjective : hard to find; elusory
    You’re so elusive, that’s one of the reasons why I’m in love with you
  • Luscious
    adjective : delicious; tasty; yummy
    The food you made yesterday was very luscious

Actually there are still more fancy words you need to know, I’ve chosen best of the best. Those sophisticated words can be used when you talk to your crush indeed or anyone you want to talk to. Women/Men with intelligence are way more attractive than women/men with alluring appearance.

Appearance attracts the eyes but intelligence and personality attract human’s mind 

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