The Premiere Of “The Golden Cane Warrior”

I want to do a little throwback to the time where I was invited to watch the premiere of The Golden Cane Warrior from GADIS Magazine with its casts. It was held last year in December 20. I still remember that I skipped school because of this rare opportunity even though that day was the day I had to take my report card but YOLO.

Two days before the premiere, I got a call from GADIS Magazine that I got a chance to watch this movie premiere and to make sure if I was available for the premiere or not. I got 2 tickets and I thought about to give the other ticket to my sister instantly. But unfortunately, I lived out of town and it takes about 3 hours or more to Jakarta. I lived in Bandung, Indonesia to be exact. Because I was stubborn and I couldn’t resist the excitement, I bravely went to Jakarta by shuttle on my own. It was also my first time and my sister would pick me up, so there was actually nothing to worry about but earned an experience.

“It’s the day!”

I wore an outerwear by Zara, trouser by Giordano, belt by New Look and shoes by Charles and Keith. When I was in the line to get the ticket, my shoulder was nudged by a woman. She said that I was chosen as one of the best-dressed girls and I was like, “Are you serious? I didn’t even make an effort for my look. Look at my eye-bags, my eye-bags..”. She gave me a white ribbon as you can see on my right wrist as a mark. But however I was absolutely excited and I was intrigued to know what prize I would get for being a best-dressed girl. HAHA. I feel so cheap, excuse me.

I went in to the theater and a crew of GADIS Magz gave me and my sister two bags which were filled with their latest magazine, coffee, some products from garnier and their merchandise in each bag then we found our seats.

A so-called host from GADIS Magz came to greet the lucky audiences included me. I finally saw the face of the girl that I had been emailing with, yes, that host. I was working for GADIS Magz to make an article that time and she helped me to stay in touch with my editor when I couldn’t reach her through email.

First, the host asked some questions about this movie, if the audience answers it correctly, she/he will win the prize. I raised my hand to answer the question but the host didn’t even notice me at all but I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind 🙂

Then the time had come! Audiences who won a white ribbon were called to go to the front of theater. I was kinda nervous but I tried to stay calm. The host said that she had a surprise for all of us and voila! the casts were coming from the exit door and they were running a little towards us (us who wore white ribbon on our wrist). My body got shaky because those actors are all my favorite. Sadly, the actress didn’t come and I didn’t know why.

They stood beside us and they gave us a gift for winning as a best-dressed girl,

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

From the left, it was the producer of its movie, Mira Lesmana, Nicholas Saputra, Best-Dressed Winners, Reza Rahadian, Riri Riza and one of the crews of The Golden Cane Warrior.

I was beyond excited to see them in person, they were all really nice, especially Reza Rahadian. He often gave me smiles whenever I saw his face. Thank you GADIS Magazine for giving me this golden opportunity!

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