it has been 9 months working from home, who would have known?

And it also has been 2 years since the last time I wrote on my blog. So, I might say, “Aloha! It has been really a while, how is it going?”

And what is going on with me right now is, welcome to my brand new domain name from stylebychia to by pranichia. No need to worry, there will not be so many changes from the previous contents I used to write, so please don’t unfollow me haha, I have just been working on my personal branding and wanting to have it all aligned in one single name, hence, it popped in my mind, “by pranichia sounds great to comply all my interests from personal to professional matters. let’s rock this one then!”

However, stylebychia would forever be the history I will never forget, because I started it all from there in 2015 and here we are, almost in the edge of 2020, with you who are currently reading this page at home, probably. Who would have thought that we are still currently in the middle of pandemic, especially in Indonesia that has not even passed the first wave yet. I went back to my hometown since March 2020, everything felt so blue and different. There were so many things to adapt, because it was just very unusual. But hey, I’ve passed it, we’ve all passed it, and now I think I am getting used to it.

I moved to another company and I have not even met any of my colleagues yet

Until the second I wrote this post actually. This experience is actually challenging and exciting at the same time, maybe let’s start with its upside, first, I do not need to invest on daily accommodation budget include transportation and meals, also less hang-outs because that usually takes extra cost, so now I can allocate the budget to something else. Second, I can get closer to my parents, I remember those days that I missed them very much because of how limited the time was to be with them since I lived in Jakarta, but now I have it all for them and they are happy having me for such long time. Third, I have extra time that I can use for anything because I do not need to dress up and commute to the office, this is actually the intriguing part, how do I use that extra time? is it for extra sleep or extra activity that can benefit me for something better? Now for the downside, I believe you are smart enough to guess this part.

Not able to meet my boyfriend this year

If you are LDR fighters, then I bet you know how it feels like, especially when our partner lives over than 7.000 miles away. So, what did we do to make the best out of it? We sent a package to each other, watching Netflix Party together, setting time to always feel each other’s presence which can be from FaceTime, audio calls, and anything.

Fulfilling the longing that we should have had this year, every summer of the year. LDR is tough already, plus pandemic gets in the way, but we realised things happen for a reason, why stressing over it but let’s make the best out of it because they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Then so be it.

TikTok helped me widening my horizon

It actually never crossed my mind that I would become an aspiring TikToker. There is nothing to brag because my Total Likes has not even reached over than one million yet, but I actually made something from it and I found it very interesting. I decided to create contents around traveling and food reviews which surprisingly attracted hundreds of thousand audiences from the so-called For You Page (FYP). It all started from a sneak peek content of how it feels like working in Unilever Indonesia and it got bigger after I posted content about hanging out with low budget tips. Since then, I started to receive messages and e-mails from brands and cafes to have their business reviewed on my TikTok page, hence, it forced me to create my own rate card just like the regular influencers do, who would have known?! Well, you can check out and follow my TikTok here!

I had my very first webinar as a speaker

Again, who would have known? I have always thought that I still have so much to learn before being able to share with bunch of people but it started from my current manager who gave so much trust in me to fill in the opportunity, representing my current company which I am very grateful of because that kind of trust is something that all of us needs, to make us believe more in ourselves, to rock that confidence, and to challenge us to upscale. And after that, I got another chance again to fill in a public university’s webinar and it really gave me good feelings to hear from people that what I share is useful for them.

Upgraded my old bedroom

Ever since I had my very own bedroom in middle school, I had always wanted to decor it in my own way but bleh, decoration needs budget. I was not the type of person to ask things to parents, especially when it was tertiary needs.

And now I am glad that I eventually have my own liberty to decor it whatever I want, in a way that I have always wanted it to be and indeed to have my comfortable working space for a long-term working from home period.

And that is my quarantine story of 9 months. Everyone has their own challenges amidst this pandemic, it is tough, indeed. But I have always told to myself that everything is just a phase, if I make mistakes, then so be it but learn from it. And during this time, I somehow feel encouraged to do more and go beyond by utilising the extra time I never had before, because I used to commute in total 3 hours everyday and now I am so free from it then I believe it should have meant something and what can I do from it so it will not be taken for granted?

So, how much extra time do you now have since you work from home?

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