Do you guys know that the pages/links I use for this game cannot be found on every search engines? unless you search it with specific clues, so you couldn’t be able to visit this page if you didn’t follow #Clue1

It’s dedicated to my sister’s 25th birthday

Sorry for hacking or commenting some of your pics with your own account on ig because I didn’t want to get caught and if I did it with my account, it would notify you and this mini internet game would pathetically fail 😦

I said so to avoid narrow-minded people to think that all of this were made by my sister or herself not me to get people’s attention. Umm, I think my thought has gone too far, lol. Never mind.

I hope you enjoy this mini internet game to celebrate my sister’s 25th birthday
And here’s the link to the prize you’ve been looking for!
Click here

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