New Product Digital Launch of Rexona For Girls

I am sure the name of “Rexona Teens” must have ever been captured in your memory. 

It was firstly launched in 2006 with playful cartoonish pack associated with active and outgoing Teens back then. You may see the TVC in a decade ago over here before further discussion.

The product was maintained for 10 years then it got delisted of the market in 2017 due to business and fast-changing consumer behaviour reasons.

Photo by Athea Visuals

As intermezzo, let’s have a memento moment to the changing mobile phone technology industry from querty keyboards to a full touchscreen interface, Nokia and Blackberry fell down because they stood still with their own querty keyboards without worrying much on the fast-changing trends and consumer interest that revolve very quick like a lightning strike. 

Let’s take Blackberry (BB) example, it was very well-known with its Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Everyone that time would be, “Hey, what’s your PIN?” then they would go to their status, display picture, and ping-ing one another.

Good ol’ days, huh? Certainly it was because you had been there!

But we all know business must have competitors, Apple came with iPhone and Samsung with Android Phone, looking more advanced with its touchscreen. They are two different softwares that both offer variety of applications via Google Play and App Store that you can install on your phone, seemingly not as limited as BB phones. But BB didn’t bother and realise much, until the consumers started to switch their phones to Android and iOS which BBM is also available there! Looking a little bit too late, BB launched the touchscreen and more advanced version, BB Torch and so on. 

But apparently, it’s way too late and BB started to lose its uniqueness. It truly matters for a brand to have Points of Difference (PoD) which can define and be the reason why consumers should prefer the product than any other products. So that you know, we should stay awake to the changing trends and consumer behaviour around us.

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By having such learnings and after such closer look of how the opportunity is actually very profitable for Teens nowadays, Rexona Teens became a pilot brand in Unilever Indonesia to make its revival on November 2018 through complete digital launch with the new face and name called “Rexona for Girls”.

Photo by Liunic on Things

I was in charge for the launch include Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) Activities as Brand Building Intern that time and had so much privilege in overseeing how the launch impacted to the business. Hereby some of my published works for ATL activities I can possibly share here and you might have also probably seen on your screen before!