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In this weekend’s blogpost, I would like to share how I rock outerwear (again). Perhaps, I have shared about how I rock my no-sleeve outerwear but this one is actually one of my favorite outfits which also suit for college or casual day out!


To me, outerwear is a piece of clothing that could embellish the casualty of my outfit. Imagine a girl wears a white shirt and jeans only, but when she puts an any kind of outerwear, her style has somehow been improved. And that’s why I am truly fond of this piece of clothing.

So, I went for lunch with friends last week. I had no idea what to wear since I didn’t have many clothes in my luggage. I kept searching and thinking about what I should wear that day. I only found a loose black tank top, loose black trouser and a knit brown outerwear. Since that discovery, I matched them into one outfit.

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It was the outfit that I hardly kept on thinking since the remaining clothes that I had was far from many. The loose black tank top and trouser looks like in the same piece, doesn’t it? I only needed to tucked the loose black tank top in the trouser and an-almost-look-alike-jumpsuit is done.

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The combination of tank top and trouser are from Cotton On (tank-top) and Colorbox (trouser). The knit outerwear that I am wearing is from H&M and the flat-shoes that I am fond of is by mango. Because I was a little bored with sling bags, I decided to wear pouch bag that I got somewhere in Penang, Malaysia. For the accessories, I only wore a watch by Alba and those cuty-tiny bracelets that you could get for 1$ – 3$ each at Cotton On.

That’s how my discovery went by when I was running out of clothes in luggage, I hope this blog-post is inspiring enough for your inspiration in dressing up. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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Well-Dressed for Prom 2015 from HEAD to TOE (for Girls)


Calling all seniors to come closer!

Graduation is coming, and so is prom. Have you prepared for prom yet? If you have or not, hakuna matata. I have a quick and simple DIY from head to toe for prom 2K’15.  Let’s make a night you’ll never forget incredible with your look!

Who doesn’t love tumblr girls hairstyle? People always say that their hairstyles are goals. But sadly, their hairstyles aren’t that easy to be followed even though there are various tumblr girl hairstyle tutorial on youtube. Because of that, I’ve been doing a research for this article and finally found one video which is very simple but awesome by Kayley Melissa.

Quick to do and it’s incredibly simple, you don’t want to waste your time tidying up your hair at prom right? You want to move and shake your body, don’t let your hair ruin your night.

Make Up
Oh no! Don’t let your face look pale like you’re cold when winter in North Pole. And do not only leave red color on your lips but leave nothing in your eyes. Actually, the most eye catching thing on your make up is your eyes. I have another suggestion for prom make up tutorial by Alison Henry.

Though what she uses are mostly branded make-ups, don’t worry about that. You still can follow her make up tutorial with another make up brand which is cheaper or make up brand which suits with your face-skin.

What to Wear
Have you got the dress code for prom yet? If you have, you only need to think the design of the dress you will wear. If you don’t have any dress codes, that’s awesome! You can wear anything you want, but remember, dress politely. I have chosen some cool outfits from dresses to shoes for your prom inspiration or you also can buy it through the link which is provided beside the dress’s price. And I also have matched each dress with the bag and the shoes based on the number which is written in the caption below. See the dress from the first edge to match it with the number. Take a look, good people.

  • Dresses

1. Harmony Mesh Skater White Dress €28
2. Black Pleated Princess Dress $30
3. Teal Green Butterfly Tea Dress $77
4. Simply be ax Paris Frill Detail Midi Dress $65
5. Nly One Keyhole Back Dress €28
6. Planet Black Peach Corded Lace Dress €79 (disc. from €119)
7. Diyouth Short One Shoulder Appliques Bridesmaid Dresses Ruffles Party Gowns $90
8. Little Mistress Cream Floral Prom Dress $110

  • Shoes

prom shoes

1. NEW SEASON – Acne Studios Women Alivia Suede Heeled Pump $40
2. Vince Camuto Eiffel Pump $40
3. Gianvito Rossi Leather, PVC and Suede Pumps €520
4. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Suede Ankle Strap Sandal 556AUD
5. Jimmy Choo : Anouk Patent Leather Pumps $595
6. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Sparkling Platform Pumps $560
7. Chinese Laundry Baby Doll Heels $70
8. Forever New Jamilla Low Heel 70AUD

  • Clutches

prom clutches

1. Oasis Contrast Hardcase Clutch €25
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch €269
3. Vera Bradley Laser-Cut Petite Trifold Wallet in Coral $45
4. Michael Kors Lana Metallic Clutch Bag €170
5. Peach & Rose Gold Kiss Lock Box Clutch $38
6. ALDO ponteranica $45
7. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Leo’ Envelope $125
8. Jimmy Choo Milla Nude Pearlised Printed Leather Accessory Clutch Bag $825

It’s actually not about what you wear and how expensive each things on your body for prom. It’s about how you wear it and how you rock it. Good luck with your prom 🙂

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hairstyle tutorial by LetsMakeitUp1 on youtube
make up tutorial by AlisonLovesJB on youtube

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Spend Less Pennies, Get MORE Shimmies


“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, I need to do it again”

Then the bill mail comes..

“They said I was a valued customer, now they send me hate mail”

That’s what Rebecca Bloomwood says in Confession Of A Shopaholic (2009). Did it ever happen to you once? or twice? or more?

But however, we can’t deny it, shopping makes us happy. at the time.
I’m a seventeen year old girl who likes shopping so much and I haven’t earned money yet. When you heard that, I knew I must have been judged that I’m just a parent-s-money-spender. Well, I’m not.

Never earned money.
But shops a lot.

That’s why I’ll be giving you some shopping tips where you can shop branded clothes with less pennies but you’ll get more shimmies. Here you go :

1. DO NOT Bring Much Money
“Oh my gosh! I love this shoes so much, but oh wait. this is expensive and I don’t bring enough money for it.”
That’s how it goes, you have very enough money in your pocket. Enough for shopping in H&M/Stradivarius/New Look/Forever21 or whatever but you only get t-shirt, accessories, skirts and NOT JEANS, NOT A COAT, NOT EVEN A BAG. But you have a possibility to get the NOTs if there’s a big sale in certain stores.

2. Buy What You Need
This part is the hardest, isn’t it? Because when we enter the store, we smell the typical smell, the nice servants welcome us and notice the sale poster. That’s incredibly tempting!
But if you buy what you don’t even need, I guarantee you that you’ll regret it at last.

3. Buy What You Don’t Have
Ah maybe this one will relieve you. From the title seems specific already, so I think I don’t have to explain about this one.

4. Do The 50:50 Thing With Your Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother
This one is working, especially if you do it with your mom. Just don’t do it to your boyfriend or girlfriend, it makes you look like a material person and that’s embarrassing. But make sure, none of them is stingy. Just make a puppy face and say, “This is so cute, Mom. It’s good for school. Mind to contribute? Please please please.” (school is the best reason because parents love it when their kids talking about school). There are 2 possibilities when you do this, you mom might to contribute or your mom will pay it all for you.

5. Monthly Cash
If you usually get monthly cash from your parents for school or something. Save 50% for school and save another 50% for shopping. But don’t be tempted with your thick pocket and use your school cash for shopping. That’s so wronggg..

So that’s basically what I usually do for the sake of shopping. I never spend my parent’s money for my hobby but I save some money I get from them to do my hobby. So, good luck on doing those tips shopaholics! And you’re welcome 🙂


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