7 Caption Personalities You Should Try on Instagram


Never have you ever feel flustered or even anxious to think about the perfect caption for your Instagram picture? Or maybe you are confused to decide what kind of personality you have for a caption on Instagram?

Worry No More!

I have tons of ideas to inspire your creativity in writing captions on Instagram and I am pretty sure you will be head over heels in love with them. Well, hopefully. However! There is only one thing to bear in mind that captions on Instagram are better relatable to the picture you upload. I have seen a lot of people posting pictures (e.g: selfie with duck face) but their caption says something opposite (e.g: broken heart quotes) –which I find it irritating.

You are a beautiful creature with a beautiful mind, I have always wanted to see that everyone is aware with that. Why sharing hatred and sorrow if you are still able to share happiness. Here are seven personalities that may inspire your writing proficiency on Instagram pictures:

1. The Poet

Who says poems are only for melancholic people? Not at all. If you have tons of vocabularies in your head, recognize those words from Shakespeare, or even have 3 or more language proficiencies, then poems might be good for you since I believe you can play with words. Sometimes I like to write poetic captions but I do not want my Instagram audience to interpret me as a melancholic blogger, thus I make fun of the poem in the end.

2. The Joker

Don’t take pictures too serious. It might have philosophy or metaphor or anything but seriously, chill. You only need to see every inch of the picture you have whether there is something to be mocked at or not. If there is, make fun of it and let your friends’ comments rolling on the box.

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I swear my eyes were opened👀

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3. The Forecaster

Remember that basic conversation you mostly have with a stranger? Something that talks about how hot or rainy the day is. Well you can put that to your caption. Go outside, take a picture and tell your followers how perplexed you are with the weather and be the forecaster of your own state of mind.

4. The Story Teller

Seriously, we mostly do not do things on purpose but somehow it happens because it happens. If you ever have those kind of moments, you can write them as caption and engage your followers’ attention about how weird your day has been.

5. The Stargazer

Cassiopeia, Canopus, Alnilam, Castor, and every single star or constellation you have ever heard. If you are that kind of person who likes to gaze at the moonlight and the starry skies in the middle of the night, pick one constellation and tell them how you feel about it. Or if you have a crush on someone, you may correlate it a little with the touch of metaphor.

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It was dusk, too late for sunset, too early for stars

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6. The Food Enthusiast

Food porns on Instagram, totally common! But that’s how it works. This is a phase where people let the foods chill because they are busy to take picture of it for 15 minutes. However, that’s the way it is. I usually give a caption about how tasty or bad the food is and/or even mock at my own hypocrisy.

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when salad hits you hard🍀

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7. The Reviewer

When you love something, you share. When you hate something, you share. Basically, you are either reviewing your own life or someone’s life. But in this case, I am going to show my reviewer attitude towards a cafe I visited. It depends on how informative you want yourself to be but please bear in mind that Social Media ethic does exist.

That’s all I can get for you, guys! I compiled those captions on my Instagram which I thought it could widen your inspiration to be more creative yet enticing to attract more engagement of your followers. Remember that what you write is what you are in people’s perspective from social media. Then spread the love instead of hatred and sorrow. Have a nice weekend, guys! 🙂

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3 Fun Things I Do When I’m Bored


These days are boring. Especially when you’re in “holiday” (to the people who spend the rest of holiday at home staring at screen 24/7).

Your butt feels numb
Your breath smells vacuous
Your eyes feel weary
Your stomach gets bigger

I feel you guys. I feel you. Because of that, I’ve been doing these awesome stuff to do whenever I feel bored. It’s really fun to do. Be a person with great minds who discuss ideas not a person with below average who tend to discuss people whenever they  see someone pass them by. And here are FUN things to do when you’re bored out of your mind :

1. Make a Bucket List
Because it’s summer, then make a summer bucket list! Write down all the things you wanted to do and do it all in summer. It feels like you’re challenging yourself to accomplish all your summer goals.

summer bucketlist

And to all Muslim around the world, because it’s Ramadhan. You can also make a bucket list from the first day of fasting until the end of Ramadhan. So, you have 30 goals to do each day, isn’t it fun?

ramadhan bucket list

2. Make a Scrapbook
Take some polaroid pictures and stick em on your scrapbook. Keep your memories and let your children see your young, wild and free moments!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This is my scrapbook. Scrapbook DIY will be posted soon!

3. Complete Wreck-This-Journal
This phenomenal book by Keri Smith which is often seen on tumblr is quite challenging. The orders are very various and weird? It’s like you have to go shower with this book and sleep with it. It seems ridiculous at first but when you reach the end of this book, you can see your real creativity.


And this is one of the completed page from Wreck-This-Journal. It’s insane but it challenges your creativity!


Interested to do those fun stuff? Great! Fill your time with great things that leads you to something productive. You’re a beautiful masterpiece, so make yourself more beautiful with your own way. Happy holiday!


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completed page of wreck-this-journal pic by xlalalalisax.wordpress.com

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