Sophisticated Words To Use That’ll Make Your Crush Fall For You


What is beauty if your brain is empty like an empty coke.

Change the way you think about attractiveness. Being attractive doesn’t mean you have to shave, go to saloon, shop all day long and stuff. But there’s one thing that never fails to attract someone you like, being smart.

Use these words to make you sound smarter and your crush will fall for you right away :

  • Allure 
    noun : attraction; appeal; charm; traction
    He caught my attention with his allure
    verb : lure; attract
    She appeared sweet and alluring in my birthday
  • Recherché
    adjective : exquisite; exotic
    Your dress isn’t just elegant, it’s recherché
  • Loathe
    verb : hate; dislike; execrate
    She loathed me because I was late to her party
  • Ambience
    noun : atmosphere; aura
    I like our date last night, its ambience was very alluring
  • Ameliorate
    verb : improve; fix; enhance
    I want to ameliorate your mood by giving you a little alluring ambience
  • Ambrosia
    adjective : delicious; the food of the gods
    It tastes ambrosia, can I get some more?
  • Bliss
    noun : happiness; cheerfulness
    I really enjoyed this bliss, thanks for tonight
  • Clavicle
    noun : collarbone
    You have a very recherché clavicle
  • Elusive
    adjective : hard to find; elusory
    You’re so elusive, that’s one of the reasons why I’m in love with you
  • Luscious
    adjective : delicious; tasty; yummy
    The food you made yesterday was very luscious

Actually there are still more fancy words you need to know, I’ve chosen best of the best. Those sophisticated words can be used when you talk to your crush indeed or anyone you want to talk to. Women/Men with intelligence are way more attractive than women/men with alluring appearance.

Appearance attracts the eyes but intelligence and personality attract human’s mind 

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Start Living Like Jay Alvarrez


This extreme sportsman successfully got my attention to write about how incredibly impressive his life is in his young-age. The first time I knew about Jay Alvarrez’s existence because I often hear a lot of people saying,

“I want his life”
“Omg why can’t I have his life”


He also travels the world with his stunning girlfriend, Alexis Ren.


Before I tell you more about him, check out his latest video about how he lives his adventurous life in California with Alexis Ren.

What a life goal! Every mankind absolutely wants to have that kind of life. Actually, we all can get a life like that but mostly people have two problems. Time and money. Some people have less time but have plenty of money and some people are the opposite. Uh, thug life!

Jay Alvarrez was born in Oahu, Hawaii on 5th of July, 1995 which means his birth sign is cancer. Before he was famous, he started to make a name for himself by doing photography as you can see on his tumblr and instagram, his shots are incredibly awesome. He also got a tattoo behind his lower lip which is written “Let’s Live”.


He’s currently working on a new video with Alexis. Everyone says “They’re life goals” and goals and goals. I do agree with Jay’s tattoo saying “Let’s Live”, because we have a life that we need to live with happiness, not jealousy like you probably have right now towards Jay Alvarrez’s life, don’t you?

And here’s another video of Jay Alvarrez in Dream World

Interested to be like Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren? Of course you are, but how?

Simple, all you’ve gotta do right now is live in the moment.

Well, but I wanna travel like him right now.

Big things start with small things. Same with Jay, he was nobody before this all. But in time, people started adoring and knowing his existence because of his adventurous fancy life. Why? Because he loves his life and never give up on it.

The reason why I entitled this article with Start Living Like Jay Alvarrez because he enjoys his life. So, why can’t you? If you can’t live and be grateful with what you have right now, you can’t appreciate and enjoy the life you’ll get in future before you know how it starts to be something you’ll definitely like in time. Everyone’s life is various, the lucky ones, the good ones, the simple ones, the okay ones or maybe the fucked-up ones. And that’s the reason why you live, you don’t get to choose what family you’ll live with because you just need to live the life you have right now. You live to chase the things you haven’t got because life will never be satisfied. So, chase the day and live in the moment. And don’t forget to be kind and humble. Stop looking down at your phone, scrolling and refreshing feed, look up, you still have a chance to see a beautiful world out there. This world is worth to see, make your life worth it, stop adoring someone’s life too much, go create yours and let people see that you have a beautiful life that anyone doesn’t have, only you. But before taking my cue to end this blogpost, check out a short documentary film to lift up your passion and always think positively about your life.

Hope you enjoyed it, thank you so much for watching and reading! x

all pictures and videos (exc. the words i hope you never have to hear) are owned by
Jay Alvarrez

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Get That Christian Grey Look at Prom 2015 (for Guys)

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This handsome young billionaire from Fifty Shades of Grey (by E.L James) always successfully makes women fall for him with his neat look.

He never flirts.
He never sleeps with anyone.
He never tries to get someone’s attention.
And romance is not his thing,
Just a professional dominant.

Talk less but earn more. That’s Christian Grey. What I mean by ‘earn’ is earning attention by doing nothing. I got some tips for you guys to get that Christian Grey look at Prom. Here you go,

1. Wear Suit and Tie Neatly

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Jamie Dornan has a great posture and all suits he wears always look good on him. How to get a great body posture? That’s easy, by standing straight up, you have improved your body posture. And for more, do a lot of exercises before prom and eat food with less salt or low calories.

2. Clean and Shining Shoes
Besides neat suit, you have to make sure that you’re wearing formal shoes. Not sneakers or any casual shoes. You’re going to a prom not a garden party. I have some shoes suggestions for your inspiration. And you also can purchase it through the link which is provided beside the shoe’s price.

men's shoes for prom

*price starts from the first shoes on the left edge to the right edge

1. Alexander McQueen Black Leather Men’s Oxford Formal Shoes $475
2. Paul Smith Men Only Turner $238
3. Paul Smith Men Only Jodie $238
4. Suede Derby Shoes $70
5. Fifth Avenue (price not specified)
6. Madwell The Clare Oxford $105
7. Hush Puppies Men’s Quatro Oxford 170CAD
8. Hush Puppies Men’s Bruno’s Boots 140CAD
9. Dolce and Gabbana Leather Derby Shoes $695

3. Make That Impressive Gaze

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Good looking, smells good, neat haircut, perfectly shaved beard and you’re physically done! Exactly the same as Christian Grey in your own version. But there’s one more thing, steal some adorable acts from Christian Grey like making impressive gaze. Well, though he is not doing it on purpose but people will see it like it comes natural from you . For example,

     You’re in a crowded room at a prom and talking to your friends, then you see your Anastasia Steele laughing with their friends. Don’t come near her, just stay and relax. Stare at her and make sure that her eyes will glance over you. How to tell if she will do that? That’s easy, look at her body language. If any of her body part points at you, you win if not you lose. Remember, don’t stare at her with I’m-gonna-fuck-you look. Just stare at her calmly and YES! She glances over you! Mostly, girls will do it twice to make sure that the person she noticed is really staring at her. Then YEAP! You two stare each other, give her a polite smile. If you two still staring each other, don’t act like Indian couples on TV Show, come near her and say Hi!

4. Make an Accidental Touch

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Accidental touch is dope if it happens with the person you like. If you’re lucky, it might lead you to another step which is greeting or more. I’ll give you one strategy to get your Anastasia Steele touch you,

     You’re going to take two cups of drink in the corner of the room because you notice her walking towards it. You have to get the drinks after her and make sure she’s exactly 1 meter behind you. Get the drinks, turn around, see her, walk towards her but DO NOT walk too straight to her, walk slightly to the side of her and “Ouch!” says her. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that”. It’s perfectly working if the girl you are crashing into is an open minded person. After that, give her a drink but make sure you don’t drop the drinks on her dress or she will hate you forever.

5. All Checks, Do the Touch Thing

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You’re now safe! You’ve got the Christian Grey look and you’ve got your Anastasia Steele. But there’s one thing you haven’t done yet. The real touch thing! You’re dominant, don’t be afraid to touch her. But remember, you don’t touch anyone else except the one you have decided to keep. Girls like their hair get stroked and when guy touches her hand because they always think it fits perfectly. Though Christian Grey is not humorous, you can do your typical funny things to her.

In this article, I don’t mean you have to change yourself to be Christian Grey. However, you certainly have someone who loves as who you are, not as Christian Grey. Girls only like Christian Grey in their fantasy and only loves you in reality. Have a great prom! 🙂

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