How To Take Instagrammable Picture of Your Shoes


Remember the hashtag of #FromWhereIStand? Correct. This is where people engrave their creativity on taking picture of their shoes. And today, I’m going to tell you how I do it.


Mostly of my pictures on Instagram are mostly the picture of my shoes, the pictures of where I stand. I’ve been having a knack of taking picture of shoes since high school. Until one of my friends 0nce said, “Shoes. As always,”.

People might think that taking picture of shoes or legs is a piece of cake. But actually, not at all. You need to find the art in your picture. I won’t distinct people with the experts, amateurs or beginners. In my opinion, the skill of taking picture is grown by how often you do it until you could learn how to take the best picture in time. Basically, theses are pictures of my #FromWhereIStand,

I like putting the touch of nature to one of my favorite converses. Flowers, woods and leaves are few of those common things that I am really fond of.

Besides showing your shoes off, taking picture of #FromWhereIStand could also help you to show your bottom apparel, not limited to such as trousers, skirts, bags, scarfs or even watches.

Last but not least, don’t forget to look around the floor that you find artsy. There are some unique pattern of floors like I found above and I didn’t forget to take a few seconds for a picture, because who would regret it? 🙂

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Day Out in White

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White is the cleanest, the brightest and the simplest but elegant color tone. It is an achromatic color, literally a “color without color”, composed of a mixture of all frequencies of the light of the visible spectrum.

You can combine white with any color you like, though it’s red, green, orange or anything else. I had never worn all white from head to toe before but once I did it, I started falling in love with it.

White Top by minimal
White Trouser by giordano
Wedges by marie claire
Watch by alba

When I was wearing white from head to toe, I tended to be nice and well-behaved somehow. Therefore I’m suggesting you to try to wear all white from head to toe because it somehow gives you positive vibes when you wear this achromatic color. White is very suitable with any occasions.

If you have white pale skin or black skin, don’t be afraid to wear white from head to toe because white always looks good with any skin tones. All you’ve got to have is just confident. Good luck with your brand new day out! 🙂


white top by
white trouser by
wedges by
watch by

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What I Wore to Prom 2015

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I just attended my school prom yesterday. My prom preparation wasn’t far from the post I’ve posted “DIY : Well-Dressed for Prom 2015 from HEAD to TOE (for Girls)“. I did it all myself, from make up, hair styling and shopping indeed. Let’s see how I did it from head to toe.

1. Hairstyle
I didn’t put a lot of effort on hairstyle. Well, I basically did in the first place. I successfully curled my hair but the problem was on hairspray I used. The curls didn’t last longer and it had gone straight on the way I went to the hotel. I changed the hairstyle with Frozen Elsa’s hairstyle in the car right away, not the braid one but the updo bun. I’ve learned the steps on Lilith Moon’s video on youtube, her tutorial is perfectly easy to be followed at home and I also could wear this hairstyle for day out as well.

And this is how I did it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Well, not bad if you’re in a rush.

2. Make Up
I only used one brand for additional make-ups such as eye liner, liquid lip color and eye shadow. I also have posted the review of them (Additional Make-Up by MAKE OVER).

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

For eye shadow and eye liner, I followed the steps on 1minutemakeup tutorial on instagram. Using sellotape to get the line straight. Seems ridiculous but perfectly works!

3. Nails
I didn’t put a lot of effort for nails because I didn’t have enough time to get my nails polished. I wasted a lot of time on curling my hair and ended with failure. So, I only got my nails manicured with this super easy nail buffer by The Body Shop I usually use for daily basis.


Thought what I currently have right now is quiet filthy and broken. But I’m still comfy with this one and I still get the perfect polished nails 🙂

4. Dress and Choker
I wore a very elegant dress by minimal. The texture of the dress looks fancy and kinda hippie but still elegant. It was actually chosen by my mother and in the blink of an eye, I’m head over heels in love with it already.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Don’t know exactly what it is, but it looks like needles with combination of black, silver and gold which gives fancy look.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

6. Heels
I wore this super comfortable and elegant high heels by Nine West. The leather cord binds my leg precisely.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

And this is how I wore it.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

All of my friends and I enjoyed the 4 hours of prom so much. Everyone looked very fabulous than ever. But going to prom doesn’t mean that you have to compete on the dress you wear with everyone in the room. It’s about togetherness you’ll never feel again in the look you never showed to your friends.

The prom I attended was very courteous and unique. We watched our own school documentary and brought DJ in the last minute of prom. We didn’t get drunk and stuff. Everything was under control and I liked it how the prom went very well in a polite way.

We raised our hands up, we jumped, we danced and we laughed. I didn’t jump but lifting my knees up and down instead. Save your shoes girls!

Good luck with your prom and have a great day! 🙂


hairstyle by Lilith Moon
nail buffer by The Body Shop
dress and choker by minimal
watch by alba
high heels by Nine West
stocking by sox gallery

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Well-Dressed for Prom 2015 from HEAD to TOE (for Girls)


Calling all seniors to come closer!

Graduation is coming, and so is prom. Have you prepared for prom yet? If you have or not, hakuna matata. I have a quick and simple DIY from head to toe for prom 2K’15.  Let’s make a night you’ll never forget incredible with your look!

Who doesn’t love tumblr girls hairstyle? People always say that their hairstyles are goals. But sadly, their hairstyles aren’t that easy to be followed even though there are various tumblr girl hairstyle tutorial on youtube. Because of that, I’ve been doing a research for this article and finally found one video which is very simple but awesome by Kayley Melissa.

Quick to do and it’s incredibly simple, you don’t want to waste your time tidying up your hair at prom right? You want to move and shake your body, don’t let your hair ruin your night.

Make Up
Oh no! Don’t let your face look pale like you’re cold when winter in North Pole. And do not only leave red color on your lips but leave nothing in your eyes. Actually, the most eye catching thing on your make up is your eyes. I have another suggestion for prom make up tutorial by Alison Henry.

Though what she uses are mostly branded make-ups, don’t worry about that. You still can follow her make up tutorial with another make up brand which is cheaper or make up brand which suits with your face-skin.

What to Wear
Have you got the dress code for prom yet? If you have, you only need to think the design of the dress you will wear. If you don’t have any dress codes, that’s awesome! You can wear anything you want, but remember, dress politely. I have chosen some cool outfits from dresses to shoes for your prom inspiration or you also can buy it through the link which is provided beside the dress’s price. And I also have matched each dress with the bag and the shoes based on the number which is written in the caption below. See the dress from the first edge to match it with the number. Take a look, good people.

  • Dresses

1. Harmony Mesh Skater White Dress €28
2. Black Pleated Princess Dress $30
3. Teal Green Butterfly Tea Dress $77
4. Simply be ax Paris Frill Detail Midi Dress $65
5. Nly One Keyhole Back Dress €28
6. Planet Black Peach Corded Lace Dress €79 (disc. from €119)
7. Diyouth Short One Shoulder Appliques Bridesmaid Dresses Ruffles Party Gowns $90
8. Little Mistress Cream Floral Prom Dress $110

  • Shoes

prom shoes

1. NEW SEASON – Acne Studios Women Alivia Suede Heeled Pump $40
2. Vince Camuto Eiffel Pump $40
3. Gianvito Rossi Leather, PVC and Suede Pumps €520
4. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Suede Ankle Strap Sandal 556AUD
5. Jimmy Choo : Anouk Patent Leather Pumps $595
6. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Sparkling Platform Pumps $560
7. Chinese Laundry Baby Doll Heels $70
8. Forever New Jamilla Low Heel 70AUD

  • Clutches

prom clutches

1. Oasis Contrast Hardcase Clutch €25
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch €269
3. Vera Bradley Laser-Cut Petite Trifold Wallet in Coral $45
4. Michael Kors Lana Metallic Clutch Bag €170
5. Peach & Rose Gold Kiss Lock Box Clutch $38
6. ALDO ponteranica $45
7. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Leo’ Envelope $125
8. Jimmy Choo Milla Nude Pearlised Printed Leather Accessory Clutch Bag $825

It’s actually not about what you wear and how expensive each things on your body for prom. It’s about how you wear it and how you rock it. Good luck with your prom 🙂

featured image by
hairstyle tutorial by LetsMakeitUp1 on youtube
make up tutorial by AlisonLovesJB on youtube

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