Sophisticated Tips For College Freshmen Should Know


Life on campus offers a lot of temptation for the unwary students. And you absolutely have necessities that take up a large portion of your college fund, such as lifestyle and clothing, furniture to decor your own dorm, class/lab fees, food and entertainment. Moreover, you have things to prepare before you start your freshman year.

Fortuitously, I’ll start college in a few weeks from now. I’ve just made a list to prepare for my freshman year, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Let’s get started!

Setting Up Your Laptop

Laptop is now anyone’s necessity nowadays. It’s used to save our files and stuff. Yeah, it’s very useful but have you ever thought about the worse? What if your laptop has a meltdown and your phone goes for a swim? You may think it’s too far to think so but we have to anticipate. I decided to install OneDrive and DropBox. I use online storage to save my files because I still can get my files anywhere and anytime I want even though the device isn’t mine. You also could use a hard disk or another external storage but I think using online storage is the most efficient way to save my college fund.

Weekly Food Budget


Make a weekly food budget and stick to it or you can cook to save more money, cut out any unnecessary restaurant spending, eating out can jeopardize your college fund for Neptune’s sake. And for drinks, instead of drinking coffee, smoothies and stuff, mineral water is healthier anyway 🙂

Use e-Book/PDF


The price of textbooks could be outrageous and you don’t use them for a lifetime anyway, just because your professor asks you to get it, doesn’t mean you have to get the original one. You can :
– Go to your college library
– Buy a second-hand book which is cheaper
– Google the books you need and download the PDF/e-Book
– Or maybe you could rent it to

Pursue Scholarships


Thankfully, I got a scholarship in a college I’ll be going to and seriously, scholarship and grants can help you reduce your college cost. If your performance in college gets better than ever, you could get a full scholarship in time. Just keep the good work!

Be Active in Professional Organizations/Clubs


Because joining and being active in a club could align you to your career path. Just be active, be productive and you’ll see!

Decide What You Want To Be After College


Go to career center in your college and ask them how to pursue your dream like where you want to work at, what position you want to be and how much salary you’ll get in the company you want to go to for certain positions, etc because the earlier, the better.

Be Confident

tumblr_lsm2f1Lhj51qa2gl7o1_500 You’re now an adult, get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

I hope those tips will help you to survive your freshman year! I’m excited and nervous at the same time but the more I think, being a freshman isn’t that bad, it’s a challenge that we need to face to take our feet out of its comfort zone and feel the new things, because that’s where the real life is. Good luck with everything! 🙂


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Spend Less Pennies, Get MORE Shimmies


“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, I need to do it again”

Then the bill mail comes..

“They said I was a valued customer, now they send me hate mail”

That’s what Rebecca Bloomwood says in Confession Of A Shopaholic (2009). Did it ever happen to you once? or twice? or more?

But however, we can’t deny it, shopping makes us happy. at the time.
I’m a seventeen year old girl who likes shopping so much and I haven’t earned money yet. When you heard that, I knew I must have been judged that I’m just a parent-s-money-spender. Well, I’m not.

Never earned money.
But shops a lot.

That’s why I’ll be giving you some shopping tips where you can shop branded clothes with less pennies but you’ll get more shimmies. Here you go :

1. DO NOT Bring Much Money
“Oh my gosh! I love this shoes so much, but oh wait. this is expensive and I don’t bring enough money for it.”
That’s how it goes, you have very enough money in your pocket. Enough for shopping in H&M/Stradivarius/New Look/Forever21 or whatever but you only get t-shirt, accessories, skirts and NOT JEANS, NOT A COAT, NOT EVEN A BAG. But you have a possibility to get the NOTs if there’s a big sale in certain stores.

2. Buy What You Need
This part is the hardest, isn’t it? Because when we enter the store, we smell the typical smell, the nice servants welcome us and notice the sale poster. That’s incredibly tempting!
But if you buy what you don’t even need, I guarantee you that you’ll regret it at last.

3. Buy What You Don’t Have
Ah maybe this one will relieve you. From the title seems specific already, so I think I don’t have to explain about this one.

4. Do The 50:50 Thing With Your Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother
This one is working, especially if you do it with your mom. Just don’t do it to your boyfriend or girlfriend, it makes you look like a material person and that’s embarrassing. But make sure, none of them is stingy. Just make a puppy face and say, “This is so cute, Mom. It’s good for school. Mind to contribute? Please please please.” (school is the best reason because parents love it when their kids talking about school). There are 2 possibilities when you do this, you mom might to contribute or your mom will pay it all for you.

5. Monthly Cash
If you usually get monthly cash from your parents for school or something. Save 50% for school and save another 50% for shopping. But don’t be tempted with your thick pocket and use your school cash for shopping. That’s so wronggg..

So that’s basically what I usually do for the sake of shopping. I never spend my parent’s money for my hobby but I save some money I get from them to do my hobby. So, good luck on doing those tips shopaholics! And you’re welcome 🙂


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